Gablok: our insulating formwork components

Eight components and insulated wooden blocks for a flat-pack house.

Gablok: our stacking blocks
Ytyong Base Blokc 14
Bottom Plate 7
Bottom Block 6
Rain Bariar 11
Treated Lath 9
General insulated block 5
Gablok beam 3
Insulated belt block 4
Vapour barrier 12
Batten 1
Ytyong 2
OSB Floor 13
Walls 8
Concrete Slab 15

The eight Gablok components!

Other elements

External treated battens


EPDM Rubber Membrane


Moisture control Membrane


Vapour control Membrane (layer)


OSB Floor


Concrete Blocks (not part of the kit)


Foundations (not included)


Self-construction of a wood-frame house with Gablok blocks

To build a Gablok timber frame extension or house, you will therefore need the 8 wood and polystyrene foam (EPS) form blocks.

These 8 components that make up the wood frame construction kit are provided to you according to your project.

The goal is that you receive the exact number of insulated wood blocks you need. This way, your wood frame construction is not cluttered with waste and excess.

The goal is to get the exact number of insulated wood blocks you need.

On the diagram above, you can see in detail how a self-built wood frame construction with Gablok insulated wood blocks is organized.

The components for wood frame in kit are as follows:

  • The rafters
  • Floor lintels
  • Lintels
  • The beams
  • The insulated waist blocks
  • The side and top rails